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Urban culture apparel and accessories for people, from all walks of life. Easy on the eyes, and feels good on the skin. Our apparel is designed for comfort and style, while inspiring peace, love and cool conversations.

HIP may be a simple, three-letter word, but its etymology has had a profound impact on both pop and underground culture for over a century!

HIP Hop, HIPster, HIPpie all derived from the word HIP. Some believe the origins of HIP date back to the West African Wolof language of the 1900’s, when the meaning roughly translated to “one who has his eyes open”

By the time the 1930s and 40s rolled around, HIP had become common lingo, particularly in the African American-dominated jazz scene. At that point, HIP took on various different meanings; Cool, or up on the latest thing, having knowledge of the latest trends in music, fashion, and speech.

Throughout the history of time, different popular words have emerged, faded, and emerged again, and HIP has managed to evolve, and ultimately sustain itself for the last 100 + years.

Now with the presence of Urban HIP Tees, we’ll do our part to make sure HIP continues for a 100 years more!